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Originally Posted by Xander187 View Post
hey my name is xander and i am a combat vet from afghan. my mos was infantry. i went to basic and ait together. that was 6 months long. then went to airborne hold over for a month and then airborne school for 3 weeks. after all that was done i got 10 days leave so came home to arizona and pruposed to my girlfriend we got married then i left for ft bragg. i was in reseption for2 weeks then got to my unit and they said i was deploying to afghan right now. i got all my cif and rfi gear and got manafested and when they were calling out the names they didnt call mine. so i went on 10 days permisive leave for getting married flew to arizona got my wife and drove to nc. we got an appartment. i was stuck on rear d for awhie which sucked becuase i was pretty much a gardener or a paper pusher my unit got back and they had delta come threw and pick people for their pipeline i tired out but didnt get it because of a neck injurie i got while on a jump i got caught in somebodies shute and fell hard dont remember much. so went back to my unit which was a combination of rangers sf and other groups. i then found out my wife was pregnant. two months later i found out it wasnt mine so she left. and then i got picked for a special mission in afghan area. it was a hush hush mission i had to tell my ffamily that i was going to be doing training and woldnt have acess to a phone. it was about two months long saw alot of hairy ****. did some stuff that goes agains my moraL values but if i didnt three guys would have been blown up. when i got back to my unit some ******** happened and they kicked me out in ten days. now im in a civilian world that makes no sense to me i wish i was back in afghan. i have very bad anxiety. my heart rate is usually over 100 sometimes 140 just sitting and resting i cant sleep. i will wake up screaming or throwing my pillows thinking im in a fight. need help from other vets please reply with some help!!!!
my name is xander and cant sleep witht the dreams can anybody help

My name is Parley and I am a non combat Veteran from the United States of America! Welcome to psych central

I can't help with the sleep issue because I honestly believe a part of me doesn't want to sleep It's frustrating at times but I don't dream too often. good luck in figuring things out.

I pray that I am wrong, while fighting to prove I'm right. Me~ Myself~ and I .
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