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Old Jan 28, 2015 at 07:19 PM
Xander187, have you had treatment for this challenge? If you are still struggling then you need to get back into treatment.

I have read that it takes about 5 years to get back into civilain life again so you really need to be patient and make sure you continue getting the help you need. The brain takes a while to readjust. You are still expressing signs that you are still challenged, not your fault and you need more time. It's really better that your focus be on that first, slowly settle into yourself better rather than trying to find a relationship, "yet". Always remember that yet, because it will come with "patience". Also, some vets have used medical marijuana to help them sleep, ones I have talked to say it has helped a lot.

The mindset you have discribed is something the average person doesn't understand. However, other vets who have experienced combat do understand and that is why support groups help.
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