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i have been in alot of treatment in the past. when i was in the army i was very angry and would lash out alot. i would go to anger managment every week and see a counciler twice a week. when i got out i went to counciling once a week. i got on some meds that help me out. i take serequel ambien and adivan. sometimes i will just be sitting watching tv and my pulse is 140. my anxiety is so high that my heart is pumping twice the normal. my doctor is very worried about it. and as far as the counciling goes. i didnt think it helped that much. you go once or twice a week and talk to somebody who can not relate at all to what you are talking about and pay over $50 per session. i bought a journal for $7 and write in it everyday. and pretty much get the same results. im not the kind of person who likes to sit down and talk about my problems. i kind of just keep to myslelf. i dont understand how going to talk to somebody for a hour helps.
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