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Originally Posted by MountainRunner View Post
Muchas gracias...Funny you say that because when I first started delving into what plagues me, I was convinced I was NPD, but my wife, and I remember this VERY distinctly, telling me "I don't think you are. One of the primary traits of an NPD is lack of empathy toward others and you sometimes have WAY too much empathy toward others. That prompted me to get tested. I understand the similarities and even have books on NPD because there isn't much on HPDs and my therapist concurs as well. I'll check it out.
Yeah come chat with Narcissists like me on the NPD forum.

I've met one histrionic person that lacked empathy but I think she likely had some strong narcissistic traits so it wasn't "just" HPD; but it seems most of the people with HPD I've seen here do have empathy, unlike people with NPD like myself.
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