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Originally Posted by lynatsunlakes View Post
I would like to add to this VA information. I am a Veteran (USAF Jan.1974-78), and I have looked into many of the residential programs that are offered for PTSD by the Veteran's Administration. There is a program for Female and Male Military PTSD in Menlo Park, CA, Cincinnati, OH, and a few others. These are NOT co-ed programs usually. It is difficult to find out about these programs (why??? I don't know) and I will comeback and give the information. It is very late and I just saw this. THERE IS HELP AND HOPE IN THE VA believe it or not, but many times you have to find out from vets who are going or have gone...again, WHY???
The VA is not quick to hand out treatment. You have to go through the wringer to get help. A lot is due to poor funding and lack of staff. So I can blame the ones actually working at the VA., it's the government who has never thought much of veterans. The GI Bill should have been given to every veteran, just because there was not war going on when you joined , or through your enlistment, doesn't mean it couldn't have happened and you would have had to go. Our disabled vets should never have to worry about a home to accommodate their needs.


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