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Originally Posted by Moment View Post
I've been seeing my therapist for about 3 years too. Mine is also pretty open, and will talk about his life if I ask. I have deep feelings of affection towards him and at times a romantic attraction.

However, he has *never* talked to me about his marriage in the way that your therapist is speaking with you. If he did, it would totally freak me out. It strikes me as inappropriate sharing.

I think therapists and clients can develop feelings of deep caring and love for each other and have it still remain an entirely professional and therapeutic relationship with proper boundaries.

I agree wholeheartedly with junkDNA that you do not want to get involved with this person. Such an experience would be harmful to you.

Are you guys doing work in your therapy sessions? Is he generally a good therapist and is he helping you improve your life outside of your therapy sessions?
thank you for your comment. and we do work i believe. he has helped me overcome some other unhealthy attachments in my life.
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