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Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
I don't think generalizations are a good thing for anyone, so I would never make a blanket statement that says all people should get off of meds.

I think you need to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment and recovery from time to time, and a part of that may be to decide -- in conjunction with your care provider -- that it's time to discontinue medications.

I've seen people with the diagnoses you mention get off of their meds and lead good lives, and I've seen others who've tried and it not work out so well. The key is to find what works best for you and to follow that.

Hi, Im hoping somebody will help me with my dilemma. This is regarding getting off psyche meds. I have been on them for 17 years. I hate them with a passion. The side affects are hurrendous, but they do help my depression and ADHD. I have been reading so much information about how harmfull they are that although I take them, it scares me. I believe they have done more harm than good. In 2000, after taking paxil for a year I developed a pituitary tumor, these drugs , especially paxil elevate your prolactin level, which leads to prolactenemia, thus a tumor develops. My psychiatrist refused to believe that paxil caused this problem. She does not want to admit she has been poisoning people. Overall though, she is good at combining meds and was not the doctor who originally prescribed paxil. My experience with them has not been good and I dont take paxil anymore on which in addition I gained 100lbs-horrible. The current drugs I'm on are better, but I still cannot loose weight. I usto be an aerobics instructor and personal trainer so I know its the drugs plus taking Concerta( extended release RITALIN) takes a toll on your adrenals which I know are shot from the psyche drugs. Considering everything I have been through, I feel trapped by the psychiatric industry and I know BIG PHARMA want us all to be on these drugs. I just don't know anymore if the benefits outweigh taking these poisons. The other problem that exists is the withdrawl, i have tried 6 times to get off these drugs without success. I cannot get off Viibryd because the withdrawl is to powerful and that's supposed to be the drug with the least amount of side affects. Here's the other concern: Not only my psychiatrist but my psychologist also believes I will be on these drugs for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, they could be wrong. Should I let them decide my fate? I have a stresfull job, so I am also concerned I will not be able to focus at work due to the ADHD if I get off the drugs. So basically its a risk and I don't know what to do? I hate taking them and I have no peace when I put that pill in my mouth. Any advice, comments would be appreciated.
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