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Thanks for getting this a Diabetes support thread going Gus. Kudos to you Gus.

Higher is better? What kind of a doctor are they? I am sorry that you have issues with your eye pressure. Is that level being brought down somehow? Neuropathy too? Wondering if seeing a different doctor might be helpful all round? Are you able to control your bsl levels at the moment?

Welcome to WhatItsWorth2u. Thanks for joining the party.

As for me I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It runs in my family but only got this diagnosis after a couple of years on Seroquel. Currently my bsl levels are stable and in the average around 5.5 per day. Last checkup with the optometrist showed a change in the back ground of my eyes. It's hard to work out if it is a result of long term use of meds or diabetes or the aging process. Could be a mix of all three.

Happy to be here.
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Thanks for this!