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about 7 years ago, i went thru the final stages of a 'metabolic meltdown'. one of the results was diabetes, but i also have a rare form of hypoxia (low oxygen), sleep apnea, and had a candida infection for so long it got into my blood stream, i was running a 4 degree temp. for at least 2 years. my doctors told me to put corn starch on it. O.O

i can so rarely find something nice to say about docs, they have a long history of malpractice with me; but i'll try to work around that subject. one thing i have found is that listening to my body is much smarter than listening to a doc or a list or a blog,,, whatever. no one knows me like i do, when i pay attention. my blood sugars are such a bad joke; my new doc doesn't think A1c's are necessary or good for anything. my daily testing is done 3 times a day, because i can't do the math (calories+time+meds+exercise) just too complex for me. and then i tend to test before i eat, rather than 2 hrs after; mostly because my meal times are very irregular; my sleep is irregular; i rarely exercise, and when i do my blood sugars spike (UP), rather than down... O.O i asked the pharmacist why that was, and she said: "because you're weird." we laughed and laughed,, she's a hoot. i found out yesterday that she's semi-retired now and only on-call.

well, i've been indulging in a long-forbidden treat: root beer floats. if i use the small glass, i can have a small one for around 100 calories. i r soooo happy. i have between 350 and 450 cals per meal, 500 mg of metformin and 10 mg of glipiZIDE. this seems to keep me on the straight and narrow, at about 1100 cals per day. it's a good thing i can't afford to buy fast foods.

i have learned to cook tasty and nutritious low-cal meals. i cook enough for about 5 meals, and do that 2x a week, so i eat the same 2 things for a week, with a little change in sauce or spices or bread to diminish the monotony. mostly, i believe, it's necessary to listen to what the body wants to eat, varying my foods to please my body. it seems to work for me~

it sure was good to come online and see so many posts~!

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