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Old Feb 06, 2018 at 09:03 PM
Having read the posts above I took two readings. I had washed my hands with soap and the sanitizer and it came back as 6.1. Then I jabbed my toe no washing or sanitizing and it came back an 6.6 .

Anywhoo..... I need to get the blood bac1 levels done every four months. Which is good. Because my GP is happy with the readings I tend to take random readings. Doing it too much would be send me batty (er). Three times a day? That would be hard.

I think that there must be differing ways of scoring or working it out from country to country. Never heard of 100.

Hope you found the new meter disparaissant.

Cooking? If you consider putting a chop/fish in a pan and nuking the vegies as cooking then I'm in. Otherwise I really can't seem to get inspired in the kitchen.
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Thanks for this!