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I tend to agree with Happydog? "Considering everything I have been through, I feel trapped by the psychiatric industry and I know BIG PHARMA want us all to be on these drugs. I just don't know anymore if the benefits outweigh taking these poisons."

However, they do help some people. They have helped me, in the past, but it seems like the pharma and psych industry has taken over me, as the human, and prescription medicine keeps becoming new and improved and new medicines. I was told not to read about the side effects when I first went on about 15 years ago now. When I complained about physical problems, I was complete ignored and worse, patronized. One side effect was sleep walking. If you can sleep walk, you can sleep drive. Hence, cold turkey. It was hell, but fun, too sometimes. I do NOT recommend cold turkey, but if you did what I did, you would. The side effects, in my case - not necessarily yours, were not worth the apparent benefits.
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