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Originally Posted by WastingAsparagus View Post
I have always wondered what it would be like if I just started not counting the days I am sober. But also not counting the days I am not sober. I wonder what that would amount to. Regardless, I am going to be sober -- I just believe alcohol leads to more suffering for me.
I've got it in my calendar on my phone the day I last drank. So I can reference. My sponsor has me counting self harm as well since I'm working NA and we agreed to count it as mood altering. So I have that day in my calendar too. I have the apps too, but I don't obsess over how long I have. A lady asked me at an AA meeting last night how much time I had since I said I was under 30 days and I had to look at my calendar... I didn't even know. Counting or not counting, either way can work. I've tried both and I think not obsessing but still counting works best for me.


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