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Default Mar 20, 2020 at 03:47 PM
Just got done with 30 sessions of Neurostar TMS therapy and would not have started had I known how I was going to feel.Had quite a few day where I felt pretty lousy after a session,lightheaded,sudden rush to head,constant headache since day one,had too many days where I had to come home and lie down and try to sleep it off and it would feel like my head had rocks bouncing around in it,its been 3 days since I opted to stop as on last session was immediately feeling ill right after session....still getting lightheaded with a constant "solid" feeling headache and sleep has been terrible,waking up and brain feels like its scrambling...and nauseous at times,didnt want be a "quitter" and was hopeful this would work.Just hoping these side effects go away and head starts to feel somewhat normal.Havent seen mention of these things happening to others but find it hard to think its only me.
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Thanks for this!