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Default Dec 04, 2020 at 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by raging vortex View Post
our drinking bottle has a little broken bit at the top

so now all the water spills out of the bottle

and we don't like it because we call it our baby bottle even though it's not really a baby bottle.
I never had nor wanted a baby bottle for my alters. even the youngest had no need for the process it takes to drink from a bottle due to it reminded me of the abuse. even soda bottle, water bottles and so forth cause me anxiety to have to drink from them because of very early trauma... I keep paper cups handy in my purse and when home if theres a beverage in a bottle I pour it into a glass. I even get panic attacks using straws from fast food joints,
before plastic straw bans around the US happened I would get strange looks when I said "no straw thank you." I pop the lid off and drink it from the
cup. Instead of bottles and straws or baby sippy cups for me the focus point was on things that did not remind us of the process it takes to drink from a bottle, like a favorite blanket or favorite toy.

maybe you can look at the bottom of your bottle and see what the name of the company is, then google it, and buy another one from the company that made it.

maybe you can check with your alters to find out why they want to have bottles, if you end up not being able to replace your bottle at least you may be able to calm everyone down to where they can understand they no longer need a bottle.
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