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Default Jan 16, 2021 at 12:12 AM
Hey everyone , Sorry for being MIA latelylots of things going on Bipolar isnt playing nice, pain but it will all work out.. Our new lil Puppy is keeping me busy , he just turn 9 weeks took him yesterday for his first shots , hes 2.8 lbs .. My 2 other dogs are 70lbs.. This lil guy "Gus" has no fear, I ask if they want cookies and they all come flying into the kitchen LOL He has no fear.. Hes a big snuggle bug .

Its been just cold cold cold and we have gotten snow twice, the last was over 4 inches which for us is alot.. SO yeah Pain is up .. Meh

One day at a time is how I'm trying to cope.

I hope you guys are finding some relief and are doing well .

Do something nice for yourself

Helping others gets me out of my own head ~
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