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Default How can I better deal with anxieties related to car trouble when I was a teen?

When I was 15, my mom was going to drive me and my 11 year old sister in an old Silverado that had been my grandfathers and was now an extra vehicle at our house.

I had to ride in the middle since it was my sister's day to choose and was not happy about it because I thought my masculinity was under attack since I was having to ride between two females and my younger/shorter sister was by the window and I was in the middle.

I remember getting into an argument with mom about this and kept berating her after she told me to stop. When I kept arguing and following her around the house, she led me out to the truck and made me go ahead and get in the middle seat and buckle up. My sister came out and got in the passenger seat a few minutes later, but then we had to spend around 20 minutes waiting in the truck for mom because my aunt called mom when she was closing-up the house and they talked for a while.

When mom finally got in, I remember she spent several minutes trying to get the truck started, pumping on the gas pedal and turning the key but she could never get it to start-up and each crank ended in a buzzing sound and red lights. Eventually, she had to give up when the battery went dead before she could get it started.

Since that time the thought of riding in the middle; waiting in a vehicle; or buckling my seatbelt before a vehicle is stated make me really anxious and uncomfortable. I think this is because I was really anxious about riding in the middle between my sister and mom and then had the bad outcomes of getting into an argument with mom and being lead to the truck; having to wait in the truck with my sister for a long time; and mom not being able to get the truck started when she got in.

I know this was a very minor and inconsequential event in my life, but I still remember very vivid details of this almost 27 years later and still get very uncomfortable and anxious even thinking about riding in the front middle seat; waiting in a vehicle; or putting on my seatbelt before a vehicle is started. This is the only time I can remember when we were using the truck and my sister was by the window and I was in the middle. Within 6 months of this memory, I got my drivers license and dad gave me his old car so I was able to drive myself and avoid facing these anxieties. Looking back, it may have been better if I had to ride between my mom and sister again and we had a shorter wait for mom and then the truck started right-up. Perhaps then, I would have learned my anxieties of riding in the middle were just figments of my imagination and would be anxious about them.

I am wondering if anyone either has similar anxieties about riding in the middle; waiting in a vehicle; and putting on a seatbelt before a vehicle is started or has suggestions on how I can better deal with these anxieties. Any advice would be appreciated as I am tired of dealing with this memory and the anxieties it causes.

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