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Default Re: does this make me bisexual?

Are you sexually attracted to women?

It sounds like the answer is no. I would honestly say you're probably not bisexual.

Our society heavily sexualizes women. It seems common for many to feel this way about women without being sexually attracted to them. I'm not saying it's right or wrong - but it is a thing. I even know bisexual women who say they would never pursue a romantic relationship with a woman but are only sexually attracted to them (I know not everyone who is bisexual is like that, but it is a thing) and honestly, I feel this, too, goes back to society sexualizing women so much.

To me it sounds like your attraction is purely aesthetic. Attraction exists on a spectrum. You can be romantically attracted to someone without sexual attraction, or sexually attracted without romantic attraction. You can be aesthetically attracted to someone, too.

I identify as bisexual only because it's easier, I think. But honestly I'm only romantically attracted to women (and sometimes aesthetically). Sexually speaking, they do little for me and I've only ever been sexually attracted to men (and literally only like 2). If I were to get into technicalities I'd probably be biromantic not bisexual.

Sexuality is confusing, only you can define yourself.

ETA: I want to add that fetishes are a unique thing. You can, indeed, be into a fetish but not necessarily sexually attracted to the person doing it. This is very common in the community, and totally okay and accepted.
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