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Hi Support Forums, D—keep the toxic hotline near!

Rolling slowly into my next writing assignment, another grant proposal. This one a lot shorter, simpler, and flexible than the last. I like this trend.

Our Kitchen Aid freezer starter slowly warming up, so we went after 8 years of accumulated dust around the coils! Turned off the circuit and pull it away from the walls, opened the back plate and vacuumed in a very cramped space with coils out of reach for complete cleaning. It's now back on and we'll see how it freezes. Hope to dodge a visit by a tech, so the next day or two will tell.

Not much time or energy for more personal stuff. Oh, saw that Sprint is being killed off by T-Mobile and beginning to prepare for what that will mean for my flip phone pay-as-you-go-a-very-low-monthly-service. Virgin Mobile sold to Sprint, then VM/Sprint was no help transferring my active phone and account to their system, so moved to Tello. Seems Tello is challenged by this shift, so next might try US Mobile.

Funny, when I put my numbers in for my now dead phone into Tello's "use your own phone" page it showed up available. Sprint/VM/T-Mobile missed their chance. But I'm such a small market, they could care less, just like they're acting.

US Mobile seems to have the lowest rates, including pick your own plan for $2 for 100 minutes; $3 for 150 minutes. And choice of ATT or T-Mobile networks, to boot!

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