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Default Re: I think I need to end a friendship.

Originally Posted by WovenGalaxy View Post
He responded in a (what I perceive as) hurtful way. Pretty much said goodbye to me. It hurts, but I don't want friends who are hurtful.

Said he wished me well and stuff but it was very final sounding and I don't have the energy to correct him.
I personally think that you were wise to do that. Yes rejections hurt whether it's being done to you or you reject someone. There tends to be guilt in rejecting someone. It's a real drag to hang on to someone who pulls you down emotionally. Good many people are not like that.

I'm in the same position myself, which is why I can relate. With me, my friend is the only one I have, so that makes it very hard to get rid of him. He wants to keep it going no matter what. I could get rid of him very easily if there were other people to be friends with. I've had friends in the past but never someone like him who criticizes so much.

Maybe some of your friends might tell you that you should hang on and that no one's perfect. At least that's what I've been advised by my sister about my friend. It's easy to make suggestions at something like that than to go through it themselves.

I think that you will feel much better in the future.
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