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Default Re: I think I need to end a friendship.

Originally Posted by WovenGalaxy View Post
Thank you for the support everyone. I think....ok so I talked to him today and we decided we would talk later bc I wasn't sure how to even go about talking about it but he knows I need to talk.

I am not sure, maybe staying friends right now is better, and just a bit of distance. I was really angry and upset earlier, and...I think it's important to recognize that he does not say this stuff on purpose to hurt my feelings. Even the ugly comment, which, he did not call me ugly, to be more transparent, he said I wasn't a bombshell / I'm average (therefore no one would worry about me as much if I were kidnapped - LOL he's kind of a weird conspiracy theorist but that's a messed up way to look at things but anyway), I think I just took it as I'm ugly, sorry for not saying that before, but anyway...

He HAS been there for me. A lot. And he doesn't say this stuff to be hurtful it's the way I'm taking it. but the thing is...I'm not going to change the way I take things and he's not going to stop saying things that are oblivious to how I might take them.

It might be good for me to talk to my therapist about this.

Iím not trying to tell you what to do or how to think, but I do feel like you are second-guessing your initial reactions. Itís good to take personal inventory when we think maybe we were wrong or too emotional but I donít think being emotional is any reason not to really feel the things that you feel. If he said hurtful things the intentions just donít matter. Iím emotional. I cry if Iím happy or sad depressed anything I cry so easily. Itís frustrating because sometimes people donít take me seriously. But when I am hurt and I feel things they are legitimate and need to be validated.

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