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Default I'm so embarrassed

So i found this forum on google wasn't sure what to do with the situation I'm going to tell you guys.

So what happened today was that my gardener came as usual to cut some bushes etc. The bushes are in the front lawn he went towards the backyard to grabe the cutting tools and some sheet to pick up the leaves. The issue is that i was laying naked (sunbathing) in the back yard (although my backyard is closed on all sides and there's a door to which i gave the key to my gardener because most of the tools are stored there). And I'm pretty sure he saw he naked because i had my eyes closed and when i opened my eyes he was just leaving the back yard. And being a man i usually get boners when i sleep so at that time i jad one too. Now I don't know what to do should i talk to him about it? Or just ignore it? ( Im a man and gardener is also a male)
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