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Default People in hoodies look good to me.

Iím not sure if this is the right forum for this. But I feel like people look best when they wear hoodies. I usually only see men in them. Iím not like sexually attracted to them itís just I feel like everyone looks better in a slightly baggy hoodie. Myself included. I hate it when I canít wear one. I have so many new ones I got that I canít wear because itís 90 degrees in September.

But is this like some kind of weird fetish I have going on? Or do I really just like hoodies?

Although my therapist didnít follow her dress code rule one time and wore a red hoodie and she looked so smoking hot I was so close to creaming my jeans the entire session. I also happened to have a red hoodie on that day and she looked confused. This was telehealth.
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