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Yes I was restrained once in hospital . it was second time in hospital for mental health . I just couldn't break out if the depression I was in . Since I was a teen I would cut myself ,tho those cuts werent suicide attempts . no one knew for years as I would cut where my clothes covered and take care of cuts myself .
Hospital situation changed things . they forgot to take a key ring I had in my jacket ....I straightened it one day and went in bathroom to cut my arm . alot people then didn't understand and I didn't know how to explain why I would cut myself .
I used the straightened key ring to make cuts in my upper arm when all if a sudden it seemed a the make workers came into bathroom to see what I was doing . they found key ring I straightened . asked if I did anything . I said no .
The shirt sleeve covered the cuts .
They took me to TV room .
A few minutes later a couple of them came in to see my arms . they saw the cuts .
I don't know what happened next but they brought me to a room near the front desk ,I thought I was being punished for having feelings of depression and hating life Dad punished me for those feelings when I was young.... I was always being punished ...this time they strapped my arms and legs to a gurney like bed in that Room and gave me some kind of shot that knocked me out for what seemed like a day .
They were doing their job I wasnt mad at them , I was always mad at myself tho .
I know I didn't hurt anyone but after they saw the cuts I was just so angry at myself .
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