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Originally Posted by divine1966 View Post
Thousands of people move to California in hopes to be models and actors. Most never become actors or models. Only few do. California has a very high cost of living and you need to be prepared to manage your life there. You can try to act and model locally first if thatís what you intend on doing in California.
I very much agree with this. I would highly not recommend moving to CA. Very high cost of living, constantly clogged traffic, bad air quality, rude & fake people, and homeless encampments. Many years ago when I was here, I loved it. And now it's changed so much and I can no longer tolerate it. There's nothing here anymore to convince me to stay on.

I had a dream or desire to be a model myself (like for magazines) decades ago. I came across a lot of advertising for it and they all turned out to be scams. Years ago I had given up on that dream entirely. In looking for models, they are looking for the very young and beautiful.

Sorry if I had broken your bubble in your dreams. But you never know. Maybe you might get a lucky break.
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