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Attention Re: How Are You Doing Today? Check-in.

Originally Posted by MuseumGhost View Post
Now that the weather is warming-up and sunnier for us, husband has been helping with Spring cleaning jobs that I can't tackle on my own anymore, mostly because of the joint pain I'm dealing with these days. As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm ticking off the boxes, slowly.

These posts always get a lot of views, but relatively few people replying. I've known that since I started here, and it was much busier in those days. I guess I figure that if even one person gets something out of it, it's done its job.

I'm happy to be chatting back and forth with you! That is a wonderful outcome, getting to know people a bit better, here. It's comforting.
Here warm weather isn't a good thing. We are in a severe drought, and now we have an energy grid strain due to all those fans and a/c's running. Hot weather impacts crops, which affects prices. Yet people act like this is "beautiful" weather. It's not. Not in these conditions. All these wildfires too. Poor air quality from that also.

You're right if one person is helped by this thread, it's done its job. I know I was helped.
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Hmmm....looks like some good tips in here.

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