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I have learned that when it comes to relationships, men cannot be trusted to not cheat and/or abuse.

Mum's first husband, for example - my dad: at the same time as being married to Mum, he kept getting girlfriends and
Possible trigger:
with them, then after Mum divorced him he started fathering more kids, not financially supporting any of the kids he fathered

Mum's second husband: used to yell and hit, often without a valid reason

My relationships: i've always been cheated on and in one case, he used to hit furniture and stuff, simply to frighten me and the cat i had at the time

am i right in having learned this lesson? men only want to hurt their partners?

this is why after the last ex of mine, i have never allowed another man in and i honestly dont think i ever will just in case i get hurt

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