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Default Oct 11, 2022 at 09:06 PM
@aaqil the short answer is we do not know you or what you suffer from as well as a professional does. Going off meds is not a guraranteed way to be free of the condition they are meant to treat. A friend ended up in the hospital because going off their meds totally disrupted and destabilized their life.

Can you tell the doctor about specific symptoms that you find objectional on the meds? Maybe there are other meds that do not have the same side affects.

I find that lifestyle changes with the meds can diminish the effects that a friend finds not so pleasing. They do exercises, yoga, 5 minute Tai Chi on youtube, mindfulness (Healthy Mind app) and eating healthy low carb high protein diet help but they alone do not offer what is needed to keep stable.

The meds work on specific receptors in the brain and are highly specific treatments for brain receptor disorders that I only have a vague understanding of. I have never heard of foods that can target brain receptor functioning in a comparable way to how meds address those issues. Changing the meds to other meds may offer some relief. Talk to your psychiatrist.

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