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Default Nov 24, 2022 at 06:58 AM
Apologies in advance for what could be a long thread.

Two years ago, had a "provisional" type 2 diagnosis. GP wanted another blood test. Then Covid hit (in general, not me!). Blood test cancelled, then few days later asked to make appointment to discuss its results. When I pointed out no blood test happened, I was thanked for letting them know then heard nothing.

Fast forward to June this year. Asked to book blood test. Results confirmed type 2 diagnosis. First appointment with diabetes nurse who lacked some empathy skills. "Noticed you're overweight when you walked in", "you must exercise". Thanks, tell me something I don't already know. Informed can no longer see usual GP and passed over to specialist diabetes one. Telephone appointments ensured, metformin prescribed. 112 tablets arrived, he forgot to send dosage instructions.

Then fun started. For anyone who has taken this drug and had side effects, you know what I'm talking about. Next telephone appointment told him and he prescribed slow release ones. Even worse side effects. So now have over 100 tablets to take to pharmacy for disposal.

Finally got face-to-face appointment last week. What a thrill that was! For a young guy had little "bedside manner". When I said I'd stopped taking the tablets, then got a lecture on what diabetes can do. Said I was well-aware but would not sacrifice my dignity. So, now he's prescribed something else with a host of side effects too. Dapagliflozin. I use postal prescription delivery so they've yet to arrive.

Also argued with me that fungal type problems experienced were all because of my type 2 and nothing to do with metformin. No amount of telling him that it began when I started the tablets. Have only recently got it under control.

One piece of good news. Had my first diabetic eye test and everything was fine. Although it revealed I should get reading glasses (years of computer use!). GP didn't have the report, so as advised by optician, wasn't sharing it with him.

Next doctor's appointment should be interesting. There's another diabetes one so will try to swop if I can.
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