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Old Dec 07, 2022 at 10:19 AM
Couple days a week is a great plan. My former, now retired, coworker watches her grand babies one or two days a week. She loves it. Anything more than few days would be too much. Itís exciting.

We babysit our 7 year old granddaughter (she is my step but we donít call it that) every other weekend. My stepdaughter is single mom and has extra job on the weekends. Itís fun. My grandson lives way too far to babysit regularly. I do when I travel to them.

But otherwise if that doesnít work, part time job is a good idea too. Sitting home together is great here and there. All day every day might not be best.

Hope you come with something. Canít wait to hear when the baby is born. Is it a boy?
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Thanks for this!