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Originally Posted by TishaBuv View Post
Thanks for asking, HH.

Iím a lost fart in a windstorm.

Actually, that was an expression my sister S made up, and a running joke in our family.

My husband and I are hunkered down in an apartment, basically just watching constant tv. The pandemic didnít help. I need to figure out something to do with myself to individuate.

An opportunity has just arisen. My son, who is about to have a baby, asked if we would be willing to baby sit a few days a week so they both can work. He texted that question to my h, who had texted him to ask if she was in labor yet. My hís attitude is one of feeling put upon, not wanting to baby sit. He didnít want to ďbaby sitĒ his own kids. And yes, he did call it ďbaby sitĒ.

He tried to involve me in the text, and I told him I would speak to my son and DIL at a later time myself.

Iím actually very happy about the idea, that they asked, that they want my involvement, that I can have involvement with my son and grandchild. I am also seeing this as an opportunity to individuate from my husband. I was thinking I could get a job, and this could essentially be a job for me.

I plan to discuss it with them to see what they have in mind. I am being very cautions because I do not want anything to become problematic. The last thing I want is a rift with them.

Iím imagining I would be spending time in their house with the baby. I would like to do this without my husband being there. He could stay home or do whatever he wants and I could be over there.
This sounds really good, and I think it would be highly beneficial for you! Doing something that you enjoy, getting out of the house and helping with childcare all sounds great!! Go for it.

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Thanks for this!