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Originally Posted by Open Eyes View Post
Does your husband have any hobbies? Is he active with anything?
We do a lot of walking now.

He wanted to and started to be a collector. I put a stop to that because he went overboard. We still have those collections in storage, needing to be sold. He’s not motivated to do that. So, essentially, it’s clutter.

I have an aversion to collecting and clutter because my parents are extreme about being nearly hoarders with these things, too. So, that hobby of his was disturbing to me. I am severely allergic to dust. The clutter just collects dust and clogs up the room.

When we lived in our house, he constantly cluttered every counter and table surface with stuff. Things would pile up so bad, you couldn’t go in a room. I didn’t even fight with him about that. Finally, I’d go deal with it all myself, which he’d get mad about because I moved his stuff.

Now that we’re in such a small apartment, he has no where to do this. Still, in every tiny spot there is a surface, he clutters it up. But, at least, it can’t get as bad now.

He opens a cabinet, he doesn’t close it. He uses an item, he doesn’t put it away. I have lived with this annoying behavior, and I do not fight with him about this.

Back to hobbies… he rarely goes with a male friend to do a driving experience with cars or another experience with boy toys (ashamed to mention what). It is more that these friends are the hobbyists of these things and he goes along. This only happened once or twice. He is not very close with any of the friends.

I have nothing in common with him in these interests.

Nope, other than that he just watches tv. I never watched a lot of tv before I met him. I was always with friends, doing things, out around town. But this is all I do now too. No real hobbies for me, either. I am very boring.

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