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Originally Posted by Open Eyes View Post
Itís definitely a challenge when it comes to aging parents. It definitely requires a lot of patience as they can get moody and frustrated as they have a harder time doing tasks.

What they tend to want the most is a presence they can vent to as things get harder for them. It doesnít necessarily mean they want help doing but more in just a presence to vent to. They tend to not like it if someone takes over. They are already dealing with change they are unhappy about so itís important not to enter their little world with change of any kind.

Often a complaint is not asking for you to do it. The best way to handle that is tell them if they do need help then let you know. This leaves them having the sense of power.
They have made and are making a lot of choices that show they are not really of sound mind. Although they are sharp about current events, and things like that, they think they are invincible and making dangerous choices like driving.

It may get to a point where they get case workers intervening. But this is good because they will put them into a facility with nursing care.

And, no, I am not taking them in to live with me because it would kill me.

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