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Originally Posted by Open Eyes View Post
This is a challenge when an elderly parent is aware but is starting to make bad decisions and shouldn’t be driving.

This is when an assisted living place should be considered. Yet some refuse to move and give up their home.

This is when my older sister talked my parents into setting up a new will that gave her too much power also when she talked my mother who was declining with dementia to make her checking account a joint account where my sister began taking her money.

This was done in secrecy behind my back. So be careful.
Mom’s nearly 90. I know your sister shut you out, as so many toxic families do. It happened in my FOO, too.

There was drama over the past two years where it looks like someone with a “great plan” was trying to do the same. The rest of us put a stop to it. I, again the only one to actually do something, spoke to lawyers and got truly good advice for a great plan and was able to get Mom to do it. It is fair for everyone and I was completely transparent.

What happened in the past with my father’s father killed him. I was so affected by this. There was no way this was happening again to us. And you’d think the rest of the family would feel the same way about fairness, love, honesty…but some went to do the same thing. It’s shocking.

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