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Old Jan 25, 2023 at 03:13 PM
I just want to hide. Before me there was someone in the body who was self harming. He or she didn't want to be here. Maybe they don't know how to move the body but I have memories of them make so many mistakes like knocking over a drink. I have many other weird memories long ago. After we ended therapy last year we went on our usual daily walk. This short woman about 4.5 ft came walking fast from our left. When she got in front of us she just stopped, 1 foot. She looked so nervous. She was just kinda looking down at the ground. She didn't strike us as our therapist but she looked so similar. We thought it was rude and strange of her. She just stood there frozen but we walk around her and didn't look back. We wonder if we were hallucinating. She looked so real. I bet if we took a photo of her it would show up in the camera.

Earlier today someone went for a walk in the cold windy weather with a lot of pain. They kept thinking pain is good to be prepared for the big storms. I'm so confused! I don't remember who I am except I know my personality and that I'm a female in inner world. I feel new to this world..................................and feel like screaming for help!
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