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Originally Posted by moodyblue83 View Post

I have to say that for most psychiatric disorders you shouldn't have to see the psychiatrist for 12 years ! Psychiatrists , psychologists and therapists tend to stretch out the time spent in " treatment " . These drugs are normally not meant to be on for such a long time. And in all truthfulness the psychiatrists themselves don't really know how these medicines work.
This is not true. I have depression, anxiety, and ADHD and see a psychiatrist for my treatment of all three. While therapy has helped me with my depression far more than the antidepressant, my psychiatrist is still an important part of my treatment.

Studies have shown that many anti depressants are actually safe to be on for a long time which is also true of many medications for ADHD.

While it is true that there are psychiatric drugs that physicians don't completely understand how they work to treat specific illnesses, this is also true of many, many medications for physical illnesses. This does not mean that the drugs don't work or shouldn't be taken.

To the OP, I would press my psychiatrist more as to why he feels you should continue on these drugs. Not liking the side effects is completely valid and it would be reasonable to try different medications. Or trying to taper down.

I do strongly agree that you should not just quit them. Anti depressants can be difficult to taper off. As I have tapered the dose of the antidepressant I take, my provider has given me very specific instructions for doing so. Quitting all at once can cause some serious side effects.

Take care of yourself.
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