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Default Mar 17, 2023 at 10:55 AM
Babies have very little self awareness. Babies go through many stages of self awareness development. They also look for a loving presence, and that would be the motherís face looking down at them smiling and talking in loving caring ways.

Human beings tend to carry this desire their entire lives which makes them susceptible to finding comfort in angels and fairyís and any source that presents some kind of positive presence or guide. There are lots of fairy tales with happy endings but they are fairy tales and not realities.

Too many parents believe a child needs to obey and please them and be what the parent wants. This is often also what happens in child education which has slowly been changing because education is suppose to help a child learn about themselves and instead the focus has been need of perfection rather than understanding how to discover ones own talents and personal strengths.

We tend to teach children to see a glass half empty and not half full without realizing how damaging this can be.

A child can struggle with dyslexia or ADHD and have a very high IQ. These children learn differently, they are not defective. However, if they are treated as though they are defective, it can damage their self esteem and that is so wrong.

I have seen the selfishness and ignorance you are sharing that hurt you. Yes! Often the most damage happens right in the home from parents that really have no business raising a child with all the complex needs a child has.
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