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Ok, Iím all caught up.

Today I had my oil painting class. Ehh it turned out passable. Not a roaring success but passable. The different styles were fantastic. People they really know how to turn a general instruction into a variety of individual styles. The lone gentleman, was quite good. I really liked what he did. Very unique. The lady next to me was very cubist. It really was eye opening how the same picture and the same instructions could be so wildly interpreted. The 5 hours went by so quickly.

Then when I left it was snowing and at the same time the sun was shining! Brrr 🥶 itís so cold today. Subzero temperatures windchill. Iím now in my chair under a blanket with a poncho my daughter gave me, drinking hot chocolate. Brrr 🥶

Itís nice being old, I donít worry about things the way I used to. Even ten years ago I would have worried how bad my art was instead of just enjoying it and marveling on the different interpretations. I would have been constantly comparing and finding myself wanting. And feeling insecure and intimidated. Instead I enjoyed myself and chatted with those nearest me.

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