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Originally Posted by Blue_Bird View Post
Iím honestly kind of scared of it being confirmed, Thatís why I keep putting it off. Like I donít know what that will entail if I do have it. Will I have to give myself insulin shots etc it seems like a nightmare to deal with trying to manage blood sugar levels.

Maybe I donít even have it. Maybe my body just reacts violently to low blood sugar for no reason. I donít know.

Iíll call him Monday. Worse that happens is I have it and have to learn how to manage it. Better than putting it off indefinitely and things getting worse over time.

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Generally type ii diabetes is controlled by diet rather than insulin shots, you do have to prick your finger to test blood sugar unless you have a monitor though. If youíre taking metformin though it can alter blood sugar levels i believe so that might be all thatís happening.

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