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Default Mar 19, 2023 at 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by Sunflower123 View Post
Iím completely over flu and pneumonia. My muscular strength and respiratory strength arenít there yet. It takes very little to tire me or get me out of breath. For you who know me, I do so much better when I stay productive and active. Iím slipping into a depression. Could be that or cutting out Lithium and Vraylar or both factors. Going to get a good nightís sleep tonight and hopefully start fresh tomorrow.

I made plans to meet daughter in Gatlinburg in mid April and meeting for breakfast next Sunday.

This weather is crazy - up and down and sideways and whatnot.

I hope everybody has a peaceful evening. Much love

I hope your strength comes back soon, itís good to see you. I hope you enjoy your breakfast with your daughter . Gatlinburg looks beautiful!

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