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Default Apr 21, 2023 at 10:23 AM
Thanks Possum220

Surprised me (not in a good way) that he didn't take up my offer to supply copy of letter about eyes. What he doesn't know is optician discussed results with me, although he did say it was just between us. Apart from a nevus(?), there wasn't anything of concern to him. The experts may investigate this further or decide it isn't a problem (age-related). They decided on the latter.

Keep saying I'm going to make appointment with my usual GP. Felt worse since starting diabetic medication (taken in evening) and "statin that isn't one" (taken with BP med in morning). Strange with diet that I can eat healthily but get headaches and nausea, but when I have something like a roast dinner feel fine. Also no ill-effects from birthday cakes recently (not mine!).

Diabetic doctor wants a blood test end May so have been trying to hold out until then. Have tried Diabetes UK for advice but all I got was platitudes. Perhaps I expected too much. Just feel fuzzy headed as if nothing there, lacking energy, muscle aches, nauseous. Horrible skin and hair. All this since being diagnosed and starting medication; nothing before.
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