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Default May 15, 2023 at 01:33 PM
I'm in love with my therapist. I want to have a romantic relationship with him when the therapy has ended. He knows about this, that it's "my dream". Before I had told him about it I had dreams a night which I told him about. We talked about them and he took notice about some sexual content. At the surface it was about my brother but at least I think that it rather was about my therapist, but I kept quiet about that. Shortly afterwards my therapist turned his head to the side and gave me a very intense and long gaze and then he took his hands and held them over his face and looked at me through his fingers. I hoped for and thought that he was attracted to me. I later on told him about a dream that was about a man who loved another man who didn't love him back beacuse he wasn't homosexual like the other man. Discussing the dream my T told me that this was a VERY special reason for the attraction and love to not be reciprocated, a VERY special reason, and asked me if I understood what he meant. I said yes, and thought he meant that my love would be reciprocated if he had not been my therapist. Then I found out he has a girl friend and my trust on him is a bit lower now. I feel extremely sad at times. I have talked to my therapist about it and next I want to talk more about what he said to me about the very special reason. Even though he now claims he doesn't recall it. I would appreciate discussing these things with you if you would like.
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