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Default May 16, 2023 at 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by FloatThruThis View Post
Hi Pinny, Iím sorry to hear youíre struggling with this too. Although I gave up on not picking my face, lips, & the skin around my fingernails, I had been going for months leaving my fingernails alone. My trigger to pick at my fingernails was that I had just trimmed them and one was a little ragged. Thatís all it took. What about you?
Aww Iím so sorry, itís so difficult because I donít know about you but sometimes I donít even realise I do it! Until afterwardsÖ
I guess stress is a huge factor for me. Iím always looking for ways to ease my stress but itís hard at the moment as Iím working away from where I live. I donít move jobs for another 2-3 months.

Do you use fidget toys?

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