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Grief is really like nothing else. I totally hear you. I lost my mom 4 years ago after relentless battle with cancer. Pain never really goes away. Just takes a different form. We just have to live with it. I know how you feel. It effects every aspect of your life on the most profound level

Oh I absolutely want to call my mom daily and sometimes I totally forget she’s not around

Sending you many hugs
Sorry to read about your mom's passing, divine1966. How did you get through the first 4 years without your mom? How do you get through life now?

Grief is very painful and never goes away and we just learn to adjust to it, which is surreal. At least I have a handful of voicemails and cellphone videos of my mom, to watch and listen to. I had a cassette tape of my dad's voice but I can't find it.
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Thanks for this!