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There's a story I heard about a child rushing up to the school house steps pushing their bike. The Assistant Principal was standing there and asked, "Why didn't you get on the bike?"

The kid replied: "I was running so late I didn't have time."

I get the point. Even pressed for time, taking time to bring in the right tools or help won't slow you down, but instead increase your pace.

I'm actually needing a tricycle or trike, AI is one wheel, support is another, and an assistant is the 3rd. AI is onboard and I'm getting better at my instructions. Support is onboard as my partner offered to help "any way she could." Support would be great, though how she supports me needs work, in my emotional opinion.

The 3rd, getting an assistant I'll make some effort on today and see what happens. Had one but she now has a full time job and once or twice she withdrew because of exhaustion from doing too much.

Venturing forth in search of a fresh and bright assistant. Wish me great success. Revu2


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