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3. Consider every request to attend a meeting with the greatest skepticism. Your default position should be to stay away. Avoid any meeting with no clear agenda, no obvious ending time, and no purpose that makes sense to anyone except the organizer. Donít assume you can go and quietly do work at the back. Itís more discourteous than staying away and it rarely works.
To underscore my seriousness about this, I've made a table with these 9 tips across the top and MR BIV in the first column. MR BIV comes from the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain and means M istakes, R ework, B reakdowns, I nefficiences, & V ariations.

I've picked the cross with avoiding meetings with I nefficienies. My pain is that 'meetings' are often fun! I mean meetings in the sense of a gathering of a group for any purpose. Like, to talk about film. Or a current one, we had tentative plans to go to a Tom Robbins (yes, the writer) celebration in a nearby town that I am weasling out of due to needing that time for work on a grant. Or even last night ... friend was performing with her band and I didn't go to her show because I have to protect my energy. Even yesterday after a nap I didn't have much focus so I did little things like attach a button and logged and filed receipts.

On the other fingers, I'm counting down my days to retirement. Around 122 today. Many, many meetings will be wiped off my slate.


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