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What you wrote about is so true, and I can always use the reminder. For me it's often "did I remember to bring everything? Phone? Personal effects that I don't feel like posting here? Things I promised someone I'd bring?
I've been horribly lazy lately. I think part of it is physical - never mind the details. And part of it is mental. There are things I want to do that I don't know how to do - find someone to photoshop my cover art. Make my website - no I still haven't done much with it. I think I do know how to sign up with Pubby and find out what Amazon has that's like Pubby. Right now, I'm finishing the editing, which I know how to do, but once I'm done I will have to face the fact that I don't know . .. .
Success is motivating, and I think I need some success right now.

I'm thinking about Barbara Sher's comments about making lists that start at the end and work up the beginning.

Anyway, Good luck with all your endeavors.
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