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7. Become familiar with the notions of estimates and orders of magnitude. You can often spot an error or problem almost instantly, without any calculation, by realizing that it is impossible. Thatís especially true with numbers. If you know the answer has to be less than 10, and if what is on the page is 14.7, it has to be wrong. No more analysis is needed than that. One of the most useful skills I ever taught myself was the ability to estimate the order of magnitude of the right answer. I rarely needed to know any more to save myself huge amounts of time on analysis.
Yup. When I think of this I sense something is out of scale. As I collaborate a lot, I find aligning all team members at the right level of precision at each stage a continual dance. Around the drafting stages details like punctuation and grammar are dimmed because whole sections might be tossed or rewritten. After the rough work is done, structure and clarity rise to the prime seat. In the last stretch run to a launch grammar and punctuation get our best attentions.


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