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8. Know when to stop. The more youíre under pressure, the more you will be tempted to press on working well beyond the point where your attention and effectiveness begin to fail. Donít do it. It seems as if it will help, but youíll most likely either have to do all that work again or waste time clearing up the mess you made for yourself. And youíll have denied yourself the rest needed even to do that properly.
Everyday question for me. My goal of working 4 hours a day on a grant is seldom reached. Some days I can't fit in more than 2.5 because of other interruptions. A long day might mean 3.5 hours, but then I must stop.

I stop less from today's momentum than to protect my tomorrow's store of energy. I've discovered that overextending leads to much worse results the next day. Say I work 5 hours on Monday. I wake up Tuesday tired out, and a mediocre half hour is hard because my mind feels like it's full of fog.

There are many options to pre-arrange with myself when to stop. Pick one, have back-ups.


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