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I have a rare opinion about addiction.

Short, I was an impulsive reck. And I've built my life, trying to get away from that place..

Psilocybin is definitely preferred to be done with a professional therapist.. But it happened. I advise strong caution (The most severe of cautions), as a bad trip can happen. And it did.

Many years later, I didn't focus on the drugs.. I explored, and gained/retained responsibility... Awareness.. Many things.. Spirituality etc..

I would like to make some type of career - Such as neuroscience, psychology, pharmacology (Neuropsychopharmacology) - But that is just a type of dream.

I'd like to heal my own trauma... And then help others, with their trauma..

Trauma is the cause. Most people have trauma, in this life.. Some have it so bad - So it is, that the harder the heroin is slammed, into the veins...
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