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Turns out, the visa card # was not too hard to nail.

It's xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx exp yy/yy cvv zzz

See. just 3 letters.

I think part of going to a sleep doctor is the inner feeling of living through a ceremony for diagnosis, treatment plan, and finally, a treatment!

Sleep soundly.

About writing. Exciting? I once read a writer describing her day. Not sure why. Ever so often she'd sit and write, or edit, or read.

It's really hard to show in plays and movies. In Hamilton, he's shown a couple of time neglecting his family to write. I think he wrote while walking like I see people reading books while walking. If pressed for time, I think he wrote different things with each hand. His biographer concluded that H. wrote as much as a human could given the technology of his time.

Since I'm a hack writer, having decided that editors and publishers were hard to find, and harder to please, and that the pay per effort was out of whack, I have to get myself to the task. Some days it's a breeze, some days it's harder. I'm never up for any awards, the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer, the Booker Prize, poet Laurette of Our Fair City. What would I wear to the Nonprofit Awards? Nominees for the best use of literature in a grant are ... Me, and a few other folks. Oh, the suspense.

And the winner is ... then I wake up.


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